Artists and shamans 2016

Heidi Persdatter Greiner Haaker

Heidi will come on Isogaisa to hold lecture "The wounded shaman". It's about how to emerge from bad experiences, such as sexual abuse. Everyday, children and women are subjected to such atrocities. We will work with the Isogaisa!

Eirik Myrhaug

Eirik Myrhaug is one of "the elder" in Isogaisa. He is Sami, healer and shaman who grew up in Gratangen near Lavangen, where Isogaisa is taking place.
Isogaisa he will lead a hike to a sacred place int he mountain. He also gives lectures about the Saami symbols and their meaning in the present, and we will be with him on the drum journey.

Eirik has devoted much of his life to develop an ecological economic model that won widespread acclaim and he is considered a pioneer for this in the Nordic region.
In 1992 he started on his shaman way, to bring forward the knowledge from his parents. He created course series "Shaman Healing" and became famous as the shaman who stopped the blizzard in the north. He has helped thousands of people with close and distant healing and has educated many healers.

Erena Rasfield Rhose

Erena is an excellent ceremony master who uses song to work with water and air to Mother Earth. This is her fourth time visiting Isogaisa. She is a Watershaman, Hou Tau Arouhanui, from Aotearoa in New Zealand, but she has been living in Sweden in over twenty years together with her Swedish husband. 

Erena is a Doctor of Maori Traditional Medicine and is known as a spokeswoman for the worlds minorities and indigenous people, which has led her to invitations and meetings including with pope Dalai Lama. Erena is an action woman who gets us to realize the impact of the spiritual world of indigenous people. 

Elin Kåven 

Elin Kåven has been a very appreciated figure in Isogaisa with her hypnotic nature and magical song, and has now been established as a Sami artist and songwriter. Her music is based on the sphere of Sami folklore and mythology which is connected to soundscapes of both historical and modern instruments, together with pop rock and world music. 

 Elin has performed 300 concerts in more than 11 countries in the last 10 years, including Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, Russia, Japan, Venezuela and Azerbaijan. She has won Sami Grand Prix, named as the Sami Singer of the Year 2011 and was among the finalists in International Songwriting Competition in USA. Her third solo album ‘Eamirtini-Rimeborn’ has got a very positive critics. 

Robert A. Vars-Gaup


Robert is going to hold a drum journey and together with Fredrik Prost they have a task to make a fire ritual in Sarahkkas spirit, especially for Isogaisa. Robert has got his skills from his Sami roots and by learning from his family and forefathers. He uses both old Sami traditions and reading methods, and also newer methods for practice of shamanism, and has become an established and recognized course holder and healer.

Gil Silverbird

Gil Silverbird is Apache from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is son of J. Reuben Silverbird and the 5th generation "Show business", where he bring forward the music traditions of their ancestors, something he has done since he was 5 years.
He has traveled
around the United States with The Native American Dance Theatre and as a solo artist. He also had participated in theater productions, television shows and music recordings with many famous artists. Now he is in Europe - and we will have the pleasure of experiencing him as the talented narrator and musician he is.

 Fredrik Prost

Fredrik is going to hold a workshop in making rattle and hold a lecture ‘Healing and the shamanistic society today’. He is also responsible for preparing a fire ritual for Isogaisa. 

Fredrik Prost has been working with traditional Sami handicrafts in more than 20 years and has a three years education in Sami handicrafts that he got in Sami high school in Jokkmokk. See more:

 It is not obligatory to have a previous knowledge to take part in the course, and you get all the equipment and material at the course. It starts at Thursday at 9 o'clock in the morning and ends at Fridays afternoon, and the price is 1000 NOK. You are welcome to take your own files with you and an electric drill, if you have one. 

 If you are interested in making drums instead, you are welcome to contact Fredrik some 3-4 weeks before the course. The cost of drum course is 2000 NOK and the payment should go to the course provider in the beginning of it. 



Phone: +46703518313

Eero Peltonen

Eero Peltonen is a singer and a voice & performance coach. He works also as a healer and a facilitator of personal and group transformation. He lives in Hämeenlinna, Finland. 

Eero has developed and lead a 10-month course in Finnish tradition where handcrafts, folk art, myths and celebrations are interwoven into the cycle of the year. He has training in Playback, community and music theatre. He has co-led two ritual theatre performances – The Bear Wedding and The Tree of Life.

At Isogaisa Eero will share the wisdom of his roots – the mythic stories and songs in the Kalevala and the shamanistic elements of Finnish mythology.  He will give three talks as well as individual healing sessions.

Eero is proud to be one of the Nordic links in the worldwide chain of healers, artists and leaders.

Aage Solbakk


Seminars with base in historical facts is something new this year. Aage Solbakk is a historian and wants to tell about Sami rituals and understanding of the holy in Sami areas, starting from the North Sami area. Aage lives near Tana River in Norway and is a salmon fisherman, outfield performer, publishing editor and writer in ČálliidLágádus, Authors Publisher. The publishing house has released the most interesting book about practice of shamanism in the North, which is called ‘Powerful Forces’ and is written by Ingjerd Tjelle.

Astrid Ingebjørg Swart


Astrid Ingebjørg Swart is a Sami shaman from Tana. She is a successor and bearer of the shaman tradition after a recognized shaman in Tana. Astrid has got a wide press coverage and she also holds shaman courses and lectures in The Way of Sarahkkas, starting with Sami healers traditions. She is well known both internationally and nationally.

Astrid Ingebjørg Swart has been using her talent to help other people with her ‘warm hands’.

She is a founder of Sarahkkas which was established in 2008. It is possible to find the clinics in Oslo and Hokksund. Astrid is going to hold a course in Isogaisa about Sami healing tradition, shamanism and bodies power points and forcefields and the course will be ended with a drum journey.

Sarahkkas Veiviserkort for the first time in Norway!

Astrid Ingebjørg has introduced Sarahkkas Veiviserkort. The dock consists of Sami gods/goddesses, Sami culture, nature, animals, heaven and earth. The cards can be purchased between 13 and 14 o’clock after the lecture and the price is 350 NOK. Everybody is welcome to buy the cards.