Artists and shamans 2017

Wimme & Rinne

"To me, joiking is the deepest way to give out my feelings and my background," said Wimme. "It makes my life fuller." Wimme grew up with the joik, the wordless singing of the Sami people. Many of the Sami were for many centuries nomadic reindeer herders, but mostly they settled into communities, and Wimme grew up in a settled house in northwest Finland. First Wimme had to free himself from the old, restrictive paths and learn to be himself, which took some time; the musicians didn't release their first Finnish album, Wimme, until 1995. It was an immediate success, voted Finnish Folk Album of the Year. Since then Wimme has been a celebrated artist world wide for listeners with sense for his unique sound qualities. In fact Wimme gives us so much more than his sound; he gives us a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of beeing human. At Isogaisa he comes with Rinne who has collaborated close to him for years, sharing the sounds from their latest album Human. Wimme Saari will also have a workshop in joik on sunday.

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 Ande Somby

This year the people of Isogaisa, will learn to know Ande Somby.
He is a Sami writer, musican and lawyer living in Tromsø.
He has been an activ joiker since 1976, and published 5 CD's with joik.
His joik is deep rooted in the tradisjons of joiking, in the direction of the mountain Sami in East Finnmark and to the Sami in Tanadalen.
At Isogaisa, he will tell about the origin, and also be the musican in the cave concert. There are the sounds of the nature a part of the music.

So when we dance the special Isogaisa dance, it will be to the music of Ande!

Eirik Myrhaug

Eirik Myrhaug is one of "the elder" in Isogaisa. He is Sami, healer and shaman who grew up in Gratangen near Lavangen, where Isogaisa is taking place.
Isogaisa he will lead a hike to a sacred place int he mountain. He also gives lectures about the Saami symbols and their meaning in the present, and we will be with him on the drum journey.

Eirik has devoted much of his life to develop an ecological economic model that won widespread acclaim and he is considered a pioneer for this in the Nordic region.
In 1992 he started on his shaman way, to bring forward the knowledge from his parents. He created course series "Shaman Healing" and became famous as the shaman who stopped the blizzard in the north. He has helped thousands of people with close and distant healing and has educated many healers.

Erena Rasfield Rhose

Erena is an excellent ceremony master who uses song to work with water and air to Mother Earth. This is her fourth time visiting Isogaisa. She is a Watershaman, Hou Tau Arouhanui, from Aotearoa in New Zealand, but she has been living in Sweden in over twenty years together with her Swedish husband. 

Erena is a Doctor of Maori Traditional Medicine and is known as a spokeswoman for the worlds minorities and indigenous people, which has led her to invitations and meetings including with pope Dalai Lama. Erena is an action woman who gets us to realize the impact of the spiritual world of indigenous people. 

 Sainkho Namtchylak

Sainkho Namtchylak is a person of culture for them that realy have given over to the world of throate song! She comes from Tuva, in the easth Sibir. And as in the neabor country, Mongolia, tradisions with throaete songs.
Sainkho did recive the hounor from Republic of Tuva (russia) in 2011 for hers role in the republice.

She will have a concert and work-shops - and also participate in rituals and sermonies.

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Robert A. Vars-Gaup


Robert A. Vars-Gaup is the bearer of the Sámi noiade tradition by inheritance from his family, and he is also a trained shaman in a modern tradition. He is known for his strong healing abilities and powerful drumming. Last year he was included in the new Shamancircle at Isogaisa.Robert A. Vars-Gaup was born in Norway and started his spiritual development 15 years ago when the knowledge was passed on to him from relatives about the ancient Sámi shamanic healing methods. He has since been able to help many people with ailments and pain. Since 2010 he has held a series of courses in Sámi shamanism and spirituality, attending fairs, festivals and seminars in and outside of Sápmi, focusing on the ancient art of the Sámi noaide.

Jane & Per

Sweat lodge is a traditional you can see in many cultures. There in the darknes, you will be cleaned as well inside, outside and spiritly.

Jane Folsted and her husband, Per Søager from the Mother of Earth Garden in Denmark, will lead their sweat lodge at wedensday and friday. Jane is also a member of the Shaman counsil.


Alexey Sheptunov – folklorist, journalist, music producer and musician from Arkhangelsk, Russia. Leader and founder of one of the most famous Russian neo-folk bands, MOON FAR AWAY, with whom he performs in Russia and in many countries. He graduated from the Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangelsk, Master of folklore studies in the direction of "Northern folklore and mythology", his scientific theme - "Traditional sacred poems of the Arkhangelsk region." He also initiated several neo-folk festivals and concerts in Arkhangelsk. As a producer, recorded and released a disk of traditional folklore of Ustyansky district of Arkhangelsk region "Songs of Ustya", which was performed by talented local performer Alexandra Kokorina. Cooperates with many European musicians.
At the Isogaisa festival, in addition to the performance with MOON FAR AWAY, will deliver a lecture "Russian traditional epos: Heroes, nature and magic powers".

MOON FAR AWAY is a neo-folk band from Arkhangelsk, which distinctive expression is based on a deep knowledge and connection with the unique ancient heritage of the Russian North. Historically the North is a free space where human creativity found its most interesting and unique expressions in rich poetry, music, visual culture and wooden architecture. The philosophy of the band is the combination of traditional European culture and the magic soundscape of the Russian North with technology and new media. All carefully combined with the centuries old melodies and poetry reflecting the heritage where Pagan traditions meet Christianity, and where West meets the East. The band was founded in 1994 by Alexey M. Sheptunov (MA in Northern Folklore and Mythology, Pomor State University). During several years MOON FAR AWAY became the band number one at the Russian neofolk scene. MOON FAR AWAY took part in folk, rock, world music, jazz and contemporary art international festivals – and this year at ISOGAISA in The North of Sápmi.

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 Nadezdha Lyashenko

Nadezdla, or Nadia Fenina comes from a traditional reindeer hearding family, from the village if Shongui, a couple of miles outside Murmansk. Her engagement as a cultur mediator has led her around all the whole Sovjet, and to many indigenous socities in the north. Nadia Fenina has published severels books about sami tradition and shamanism. For the moment only in Russian. Througout her special king of song and drumming, she takes us far, far away.

Eero Peltonen

Eero Peltonen is a singer and a voice & performance coach. He works also as a healer and a facilitator of personal and group transformation. He lives in Hämeenlinna, Finland. 

Eero has developed and lead a 10-month course in Finnish tradition where handcrafts, folk art, myths and celebrations are interwoven into the cycle of the year. He has training in Playback, community and music theatre. He has co-led two ritual theatre performances – The Bear Wedding and The Tree of Life.

At Isogaisa Eero will share the wisdom of his roots – the mythic stories and songs in the Kalevala and the shamanistic elements of Finnish mythology.  He will give three talks as well as individual healing sessions.

Eero is proud to be one of the Nordic links in the worldwide chain of healers, artists and leaders.

Forefathers and foremothers in the Kalevala 
Eero Peltonen will show the power of his ancestors by telling and singing mythic stories from the Finnish national epic - the Kalevala. He will talk about the magic singer Väinämöinen, the healing mother of Lemminkäinen and the dead shaman Antero Vipunen. We will get an idea of the way of life that gave birth to these myths. There will be time also to sing together, discuss and ask questions

Aage Solbakk


Seminars with base in historical facts is something new this year. Aage Solbakk is a historian and wants to tell about Sami rituals and understanding of the holy in Sami areas, starting from the North Sami area. Aage lives near Tana River in Norway and is a salmon fisherman, outfield performer, publishing editor and writer in ČálliidLágádus, Authors Publisher. The publishing house has released the most interesting book about practice of shamanism in the North, which is called ‘Powerful Forces’ and is written by Ingjerd Tjelle.

 Peter & Eva Armstrand

Make your own shaman stick! Peter "Fourbears" Armstrand and Eva Armstrand are craftmens with a long experience to make tools for shamanism and the art of volve. At Isogaisa this year, they will lead a workshop. There you can make your own shaman/seid/sorcery stick. You will be provided for what you need to make your own stick.

Kjetil Kvalvik

We are looking forward to have Kjetil Kvalvik at Isogaisa 2017.
He will lead the morning meditation. He will also lead workshops, which he named "the heart of the shaman".
He shares his wisdom and experience how to use the hearts unic intelligens and power to create the life you dream about and deserve. Also how to easy reforme your relations and how to develop deeper intuition and contact with the nature.

Francis Joy

In the Shaman's work and in shamanic societies, understanding what the contributing factors are concerning the loss of power and vitality of the human being, is at the core of all healing work undertaken at any given time. For the Shaman, the loss or power is interpreted as the cause of all illness and disease and in the most chronic forms, premature death.

This loss of power can be caused by spirits as well as trauma and addictions.

The aims of both the lecture and workshop (journeying/meditative practices) is to provide new insight and understanding concerning the restoration of lost power and how the different stages of healing can take place once a person who has been wounded by shame makes the decision to come out of hiding.


Lecture: Stepping Out from the Shadows.

Part 1: Awareness: Understanding Shame and Addiction as Contributing Factors in Illness, Issolation and Disease.

Part 2: Acceptance: The Healing Journey - Encountering Addiction as a Sacred Disease.

Part 3: Embracing Shame. Exercises and techniques for healing Shame - The Shame Reduction Workshop.


Francis Joy is a Body Therapist working with a specific focus on addiction.Originally from England, Francis has worked extensively as a healer and therapist for 20 years, including running a healing clinic in Helsinki, Finland, beforemoving to Rovaniemi, where he is currently engaged in academic study.