Drug free arrangement: What does i mean?

It means that any type of alcohol or illegal drugs are forbidden. That also includes all kinds of drugs growing in the wild. The strongest you can consume is black coffee...

Isogaisa is a festival where the whole family can gather by the fireside for a little singing, dancing, drumming, or just to talk with friends. The whole night if you like. Therefore it would be wrong to show our children how adults are fooling around drunk or just sitting there stoned.

It's not our job to teach moral to the people. What is happening at other festivals or in their own home is not our business. But once a year, in Isogaisa in Lavangen, we expect that visitors, guards, the festival leader, translators, shamans, healers, lecture holders, exhibitors, and all the other people attending to respect the festivals policy.

There are many people who never go the festival because of alcohol and drug abuse. We have the pleasure to offer these women and men a festival where everyone can be themselves and act in a natural way.
There are also many who like to go to a festival with their children. At Isogaisa they don't need to worry.

The elders of the Sami shamans agree on one thing; drugs and alcohol have never been a part of Sami shamanism. And it never will!

So we hope that you will respect our old Sami culture and traditions, and come to our festival as the nice human you are!

On Isogaisa 2016 the Norwegian police will come to the festival with their drug tracking dogs. In Norway, there are severe penalties for use and possession of drugs. So if you have a alcohol or drug problem, please do not come to Isogaisa. 

Ronald Kvernmo
Festival leader