Some exciting personalities:

Jennifer Bentz

When you are arriving the Isogaisa Festival you will be meet by an authorized skilled festival huger. You will be cleaned with smoke and she will give you a hug you never forget!

Jennifer has been Isogaisa's authorized festival huger for many years, and she is made for that job.

Note: its enaugh with ONE hug...

Eirik Myrhaug 

Eirik has previously visited Isogaisa. He is one of Norway’s leading shamans. Eirik will lead a day trip to his family’s sacred place, which is a sacrificialstone one-hour walk from Lapphaugen. Eirik will also host some short courses, and of course bring some of his books. Here you will get the possibility to buy a signed edition of “shaman for life.”

Ingor Ante Ailu Gaup

Ingor Ante Ailu Gaup or as he also is called, Ailloš , is a famous multi artist from Gouvdageaidnu, who sings, plays the flute, work as an actor and also does the “joik” (Sami songs.) He is going to perform and keep a “joik” course. Ailloš is one the founders of Beaivváš Sámi Nášunálateáhter. He has gotten Ailloháš music award and the northern light price for his music productions and as an artist. Ailu has grown up with healing as common knowledge, both on his mothers and fathers side of the family.

Pērkonvīri / Thundermen


Thunder is a force of nature and also an ancient god of the Balts. It is also linked to percussions. The sound of the group is based on the most ancient music instrument – drums, percussions, as well as the Latvian cither instrument – the kokle, as well as flutes and other winds and human voice. A concert by Thundermen is a journey into visions about the ancient world and its reflections nowadays – interpretations of traditional melodies are intertwined with storytelling – “The tale of divesting from the devil and the inversed world”.


Mikus Čavarts – drums, percussions
Kalvis Vītols, - drums, percussions, voice
Kristīne Ādmine,- kokle, bagpipes, voice
Uģis Vītiņš – saxophone, wind instruments, percussions
Imants Daksis- voice
Storytelling: Inita Šalkovska

Andres King Cobos

Is a Mexican Sun Dancer, pipe carrier elder, that has travelled extensively around the world making ceremonies and since twenty years ago organizing workshops in Denmark and Sweden, bringing shamanic practices and healing; like the traditional Sweat Lodge (temazcal), Vision Quest and the Indian lore of the Mexican traditional knowledge of the ancient Mesoamerican people. He belongs to the Ocuilan Mountain Circle of Sun Dancers with his elder and grandfather (Abuelo) Faustino Yautecatzin. Andres lives in the central mountains of Mexico -close the town of Tepoztlan- in his Spiritual and ecological community of Huehuecoyotl.
The traditional Sweat Lodge is a hot vapor purifying bath make in a ceremonial way with the indigenous knowledge of the Native American and Mesoamerican People. You may feel like coming from a dark and humid warm womb, where caring and spiritual commitment is brought by chants, praying and wisdom words in the togetherness of people pursuing health, clarity and strength.
Besides the personal intention to do it, we all celebrate in this ritual the interconnected network we have with all beings. Lakota People says ¨Mitacuye-Oyasin¨ (We Are All Connected; For All Our Relations) and we the Mexican say in Nahuatl language : ¨Ometeotl¨ (the togetherness of Earth and Sky).

Indian people in Mesoamerica and North America.
In its humid and warm darkness we remember within “our skin” and feel how much this ritual has helped and invigorated us along our life. We invoke intimately the vivid elements of: wind, fire, water and earth…and this allow us to take conscious of our life and to be thankful to all forces that sustain us in balance and harmony. At the sweat lodge we find in a very direct way with values of humility, purity and cleanness; our body gets read of toxins, stress and loaded feelings, so calmness and serenity may take place.
The leader of the traditional sweat lodge is invoking a rite not just of purification but of renewal: calling for the elements and the corresponding directions and symbols; working spiritually with faith, chant and praying so we may come tranquil and ready to use our will and intent for the evolution of our life.
You are in a warm darkness, around the hot stones spreading vapor because the water; you are companied by your friends and companions. You acknowledge with gratitude that you are alive, everything is alive and whole…your companions symbolize all beings on earth (everything, everybody with diverse races, languages, genders…are here included). You get clean in body and spirit, and sing and feel with gratitude, waking up the subtle intuition that everything is connected, and there is wholeness and unity.
That´s why Lakota people says “Mitacuye-Oyasin” (We Are All Related) and here in Mexico, Mesoamerica –in Nahuatl language-we say Ometeotl (ome, two; teotl, god) there where it get closer and together the Earth with the Sky.
To come to a sweat lodge could be a very simple and joyful experience. Maybe you will discover unconscious energies (visionary, solidary, traumatic…) you are carrying or pursuing. The sweat lodge will help you to walk up and deal with such energies…or maybe also confirm with serenity your commitment and tolerance to encourage your soul. Yet for sure, you come to this humid darkness to sweat out what you no longer need and you go away like a brighter sun.

Andrés King Cobos   / México

Marcos Rodriguez "Bearcub"

Marcos Rodriguez ”Bearcub” defines himself as ”earth native” & ”world citizen” . Well known Sound Therapist and medicine man that had played “Sound Journeys” and sound healing concerts in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Spain, Has recorded 4 cds , 1 DVD and he is the founder of “Helandetoner Festival”.

He combines the knowledge of ”energy work “ , “healing” and “sound” to walk his own path , to heal and to teach others. Under his carrier has collaborated with many musicians and sound healers , Mediums and Medicine women/men , played at many gatherings and festivals all over Scandinavia .

I play the Native American Flute to touch the heart and to heal , with the drum and voice I Chant to Mother Earth and to The Elements ( El Canto del Shaman ) , with The Monochord and Overtones I open portals to the Universe and I build bridges between People and the higher Dimensions” 

                                                                         Marcos Rodriguez “Bearcub”



The folklore group „Ore” was founded in 2005. The group sings local traditional songs from the Latvian regions Vidzeme and Latgale, its participants play a wide range of traditional instruments – bagpipes, kokle, ģīga (two-stringed bowed zither), bass, drums, violin, Jews harp, flute. Many of those instruments are made by one of the leaders of the group Andris Roze. The group wears archaeological costumes – reconstructions of ancient clothing found in Latvia from 9th-10th century. The clothes, as well as jewellry, footwear and other accessory is made by the group members themselves.

„Ore” is regular participant in the international folklore festival „Baltica”, has also participated in medieval and folklore festivals in Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, as well as Krasnoyarsk and Bashkiria in Russia. „Ore” is also active participant and organiser of the local traditional life and culture in its hometown Cēsis and the whole region.
Next to songs and dances the participants can also demonstrate a variety of traditional Latvian crafts:

  •        Ancient bronze jewelry making
  •        Corn grinding with stones and bread baking on stones
  •        Food making on open fire
  •        Traditional belt weaving
  •        Latvian traditional instrument playing (kokle, ģīga)
  •       Traditional dances and games

Participants from „Ore” in ISOGAISA:  Andris Roze, Inese Roze, Baiba Roze, Tālis Karlsons, Adele Grunte, Edgars Žīgurs


The group Noid comes from Petrozavodsk in Karelia (Russia)  They play etno-fushion world music. They sing in Vepsian,  a language they speak in Karelia.  They make their music themself and you will hear the music is inspired by their own culture.  All of them are professional musichans who has participated in different festivals around the world, included Riddu-riddu. 
They will act Saturday night on Isogaisa festival, but they will also be there to tell about their own culture.
Group members:
Alina Kartynen - vocal, flutes
Vladimir Solovjev - accordion, keyboard
Alexander Shashin - bass
Ruslan Popov - drums, percussion

Nikolai Taleev:

Nicolai Taleev originates from Narjan Mar, which is east on the Kola Peninsula. He is a Nenet and a shaman. On his journey to becoming a shaman, Nikolai lived alone on the tundra a whole year, and ate what the nature gave him. He has a lot of knowledge about Nenetsian traditions, and about shaman ceremonies. He will sing and host healing ceremonies, and maybe tell us about the Nenets, the people we Sami people call our neighbours.

We got to experience the massive force that Nikolai Taleev possesses at Isogaisa last year. We also discovered that the Nenetsian song traditions could remind us a bit of the south Sami joik.

Ekatarina Korkina:


Ekatarina Korkina has been on all the Isogaisa festivals so far, and this year is no exception. Ekatarina has a lot of knowledge about the Sami traditions, culture and shaman ceremonies. With her mild being and kind eyes the most of us just call her “Mother Isogaisa.”

Ekatarina comes from the Sami village Lovozero at Kola Peninsula. She talks Kildin Sami and Russian. Still, it is easy to understand what she means without a word being said.

During the opening ceremony she will give a speech.

Jane Folsted

In many years, Jane has walked down the path of the shamanism, in cooperation with the Maori medicine woman Erena Rhôse and the Mexican shaman Andres King Cobos. She will assist them both in their work at Isogaisa. She will also make a sweat lodge especially for women and children, where the focus will be at the medicine wheels four life-giving elements – AIR – FIRE – WATER – EARTH. Jane lives in Denmark, where she is the guardian of “Mother Earths Garden,” which is a place where you can take courses in harmony with nature’s magical powers.

 Jungle Svonni

Jungle Svonni is coming from a Sami family with shamans for many generations. He spents a lot of years in the jungle in Amazonas, where he learned a lot about their local shamanism. He also worked in a shamanistic healing center in Peru.

Nadezdha Lyashenko:


Nadezdha is one of the most colourful shamans that have been on Isogaisa. She originates from the village Shongui a couple of miles outside Murmansk. She has travelled around in the old Soviet and visited a lot of indigenous people. Nadezda has also published books in Russian about Sami traditions and shamanism. Last year she lit “the holy fire” at Isogaisa. We are exited to see what she does this year.

Mikkel Gaup:

He is a famous in Norway, as Sami actor, and he will come to Isogaisa with several surprises. Mikkel is the grandchild of “Miracle- Mikkel” who lived in Eiby just outside of Alta. With his magical powers in the world of movies, it is easy to see that Mikkel has inherited his grandfather’s magic. He has also an enormous shaman – power, which we expect to see more from in the future.

Peter Armstrand

Peter Armstrand comes from a long line of Sámi noaidi (Shamans). He works with
shamanistic methods and has helped people with healing of both physical and psychological
difficulties. He uses drum, stones, and crystals - amongst other things. "When I look back, I see how one is taught this from a very young age"!
He is also involved in the struggle against the mining industry´s expansion in the north.
He builds drums, rattles and other things that belong to the shaman craft; and he gives courses
and other events together with his wife Eva, who works with the Forn Nordic Völva Art.

Robert A Vars-Gaup

Robert A Vars-Gaup comes from a family with a long tradition within Noidekunst, he is one of Norways foremost Shamanisticpractitionor Healer. He has helped several people both in Norway and abroad, he is known for his calm nature and strong power. He uses old Sami heaing/reading methods. Gabbahealing, has courses and classes in both Norway and Sweden. He can be found in his Lavvo where everyone is welcome. Enriches this years Isogaisa with a ceremony and his presence.