Isogaisa 22-27 August 2017

The sevent annual Isogaisa festival is held from the 22 .nd- of August. The festival takes place in the beautiful Lavangen, specifically at “Fjellkysten AS.” At Isogaisa, there will be courses, seminars, a trade fair, art shows, music, dance, ceremonies and a lot of fun.


Isogaisa is more than a single happening in a certain time frame.
Isogaisa can best be described as a mountain, a goal the distance.
A wish to experience something beautiful, something undescribable, but also the wish to be apart of creating that beauty, beyond words and descriptions.

Put simply, to give and receive.

At Isogaisa all people from all societies of life are welcome, not to mention all the people from the various corners of the world.
Some want to experience, others want to create.
But then, in the next moment it is different -The participants change roles and create their “own Isogaisa”. Or some of the the most passionate festival souls change the pace, sit back, relax and just enjoy.
The "Isogaisa mood" can show up when you least expect it. You might be sitting at home one winter night about to light the fire in the fireplace, when the flames flare up and you are just taken back “there”.
Memories of that good Isogaisa feeling comes flooding on and distinct feelings from the summer at Isogaisa comes rushing up, up out of nowhere. 
When you are getting ready for Isogaisa, its a good thing to get acquainted with what is happening there, what artists are coming and what is on the schedule.
But also think about what you want to experience.How do you want Isogaisa to be? And how do you want Isogaisa to be in the future?

What is Isogaisa?

What is really Isogaisa?
That is not easy to answer. Isogaisa a mountain but also a goal in life

What happens at Isogaisa that doesn´t happen at a normal concert?
That’s easier to answer! Isogaisa is more than a concert. I´d rather say it´s a sort of gathering of ancient source, that all the participants can give overwhelmingly.

 Isogaisa is a state of mind!
A wish to be apart of something bigger than them selves.

 What happens at Isogaisa?
Anything can happen! Seminars, speeches, story telling and of course, ceremony. The music should be a driving force but comfortable to listen to, never too loud.

Who comes to  Isogaisa?
People. Everyone! No one special, or rather everyone special. Those who come here have an open mind with a wish of experience something more than a concert and at the same time wanting to meet new & old friends.

Everyone is welcome: Norwegians, Sami, Sami/Norwegians ,Norwegians/Swedes, Norwegian/Tunisian, old, young, EVERYONE!

Shortly: Isogaisa is the symbol of Sami “ urkraft” (ancient source) it self!

But what is Sami “urkraft” you wonder?
That is easy to answer:


Kindness, friendship, happiness, tolerance, curiosity

and lots of coffee.


Isogaisa is a drug and alcohol free festival focusing on ancient tribal cultures and the spiritual.
At Isogaisa there are seminars, workshops, teachings, exhibitions and of course, music and entertainment.
The events take place at and around Lavangen, a beautiful, quiet and idyllic fjord in the South of Troms.
There are plenty of accommodation options available, especially camping and tent opportunities at the Isogaisa site.
The main event takes place in a huge octagon. (Tee Pee) that holds up to 400 -500 people. That said, all events taking place, will have a roof. Something that might be use full up here North!

Information - short verson


Festival pass gives free access to all arrangements in the octagon, an free passage to most of the workshops. If extra charge, it will be noticed in the program.

Tent can be set up in the field above the octagon, or in the forest. (please do not use the neighbor's field) There is also possibilities to camp at the community house, UL Fram, for a fairly price. Field bed and bed set can be rented at Fjellkysten. For those that brings their own sleeping bag, there is also a possibility to sleep over in the lavvue.
Campfire MUST be putted out before sleeping. campfire without owners, will be put out by the night watch.

Toilets will be found within the Fjellkysten Hotel, and in the yellow cabin. Please not use the forest as toilets. In the hotel, Fjellkysten, and at the Issogaisa administration, there is possible to shower, for a low expenses. Also at the community house UL Fram there possible to shower.

At Fjellkysten Hotel, there is possibilities to buy lunch and dinner. Also the festival will sell food.

Private use only. But show some respect!

Please park cars at the downside of the hotel. Parking place will be pointed to. To load/unload, please contact the festival watch.

Inside the Hotel: Friday at 14:00-19:00. Saturday: 11:00 - 19:00. Sunday: 10:00 - 14:00

In the ticket hatch, in the food tent takes credit card. Can be wise to have some cash because there is not every stand that takes credit cards.

At Tennevoll there is a grocery store. Please be free to drive several of people together.

Departure from Isogaisa to Bardufoss , sunday at 18:30.
Will be in Bardufoss around 19:30
Price NOK100.- For booking and payment, please contact the administration before departure.

This fire will burne in daytime and evenings. please do not throw anyting in the fire, because this fire will be used as a sacred fire.

Isogaisa is drug free. Not allowed in body, at the body or in the luggage.  That include all kinds of drugs. This also includes in the tents, the hotel rooms and everything that have with Isogaisa to do. If taken, you will be told to live, and not be wanted back for 10 years.