Practical information
Isogaisa 2014 takes place in and around “Fjellkysten AS” in Lavangen. You can find more information about “Fjellkysten AS” here.

 Food at Isogaisa
It is possible to buy food and coffee throughout the entire festival at Fjellkysten AS.
You can also buy food at the festival camp. There we will sell dishes where seal meat and reindeer meat are the main ingredients. We will also sell fish dishes and of course food for vegetarians.  

 Video taping
It is allowed for the audience to shoot a video for private use, but please show caution. It is not everybody who likes to be filmed during the ceremonies. It will also be video- free areas in the eastern lavvu.



All of the area above “Fjellkysten AS” will be used as a camp area. You can drive the forest road by the entrance. Here it is possible to park you car and camp. The road must not be blocked.

It is not allowed with alcohol or other drugs on the festival camp.

Caravans will be assigned an area with access to electricity. Fjellkysten AS has a small fee as rent for the space you need for your caravan.

It is possible to sleep in one of the big tents withouth any costs. Bring your own sleeping bag. There will probably be other "sleepers" around you. And the evenings will be late.
There is forbidden to sleep where the fire is burning! A small spark on a modern sleeping bag can cause fatal injuries!


Do you wish to sleep under a roof?

Here is a list of hotels and sleeping opportunities in the area:

The local Association house UL Fram  

You must sleep on the floor. It is kitchen and shower there. There are also some matresses. The house is about 1 km from the festival.

Price  1-3 days   kr. 200,-/day

Price 4-8 days   kr. 150,- /day

Call Fjellkysten for booking. Tlf 476 41 864

Aa gård, walking distance from Fjellkysten. Contact: +47 901 68 486 

Salangen Helserehab 11 kilometres from Fjellkysten. Contact: +47 77 17 24 00

Elvelund Camping 12 kilometres from Fjellkysten. Contact: + 47 77 17 18 88

Lapphaugen Turiststasjon 19 kilometres from Fjellkysten. Contact: + 47 77 17 71 27

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