Do you like to create something unique, something wonderful, a new trend in the community? Isogaisa has become a brand that we can be proud of, and you can join us in creating the fabulous Isogaisa- energy that simply needs to be experienced. You can be a part of this by volunteering at Isogaisa.

Working for 10 hours give you one festival pass. You dont need to work 10 hours coherent.  

We will make sure that you will get short shifts, which makes it possible to participate in the activities at Isogaisa. Volunteers will get coffee, onefood coupon and a free festival pass for the job.

Being a volunteer can mean that you will experience chaos, a lot of walking, some misunderstandings, a little mess, little sleep and sometimes you get a job task that originally wasn’t yours. This is in the festival’s nature. We will, during a few days, work to get people that don’t know each other to work in teams that will function in a stressful environment. This will normally take days or months in a big organisation. Some can feel that they were just thrown in to a task, where the people we work with is unknown to us and sometimes they even speak a different language. The funny thing is that we love this and it works! The volunteer just ease in to job, and we wonder if he or she has this as their profession?    

Working at a festival means that you will be a part of making something new, something that will just grow. You will meet new exciting people, get new friends and feel that you are a part of something big.

We need guards, ticket sellers, food- and coffee sales staff, interpreters who can speak and read Russian, campfire- guards, people who can rig the tent and other equipment and last but not least, team leaders.

Tiresome? YES! But it is also so unbelievable exiting.

Registration is binding! You will be billet for a festival pass if you sign up as a volunteer but fail to participate. Should unforeseen things appear, we ask you to cancel at least one week before the festival.

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